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JAMES DEAN BRADFIELD - 1 LP & 2 singles [mp3]

2 сингла и 1 альбом альбом лидера MANIC STREET PREACHERS, вышедшие в 2006-ом году, - на сегодняшний день всё его сольное творческое наследие

"An English Gentleman" [single]
01 - An English Gentleman
01 An English Gentleman (Live At U.L.)
02 - Days Slip Away
02 Silver Birch Bonfire Blues
02 Vcitory and Defeat On the Kendon
03 - Summer Wind
03 - Victory And Defeat On The Kendon Hill
04 - Silver Birch Bonfire Blues

"That's No Way To Tell A Lie" [single]
01 - That's No Way To Tell A Lie
02 - Don't Look Back
02 - Kodachrome Ghosts
02 - Lost Again
03 - I Never Wanted Sunshine
05_JAMES DEAN BRADFIELD - That's No Way To Tell A Lie (video).wmv

"The Great Western" (LP)
01_That's No Way To Tell A Lie
02_An English Gentleman
03_Bad Boys And Painkillers
04_On Saturday Morning We Will Rule The World
05_Run Romeo Run
06_Still A Long Way To Go
08_To See A Friend In Tears
09_Say Hello To The Pope
10_The Wrong Beginning
11_Which Way To Kyffin

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Можно ли следующие треки выложить отдельно на ifolder?

Lost Again
An English Gentleman (Live At U.L.)
Victory And Defeat On The Kendon Hill
Silver Birch Bonfire Blues

Буду весьма признателен.

И ещё интересно - что за трек An English Gentleman (Live At U.L.), откуда он? Просто в трек-листах синглов такого нигде нет.
I'm sorry for not posting in your language :-)

I have been looking for James' song 'Lost Again' for a long time, and have been unable to find it anywhere to download (other than one place as a restricted WMA file, which I refuse to pay for). I found this page showing that someone once uploaded it to a download site, but the file is now expired. Is there any chance it could be uploaded again?

Many thanks.
привет. не мог бы ты еще разок залить все кроме альбома? а то пропало у меня все! заранее спасибо.